Installing programs from U3 Download Central

U3 and U3 smart drive vendors offer U3 smart programs from on-line program directories you access with the U3 Launchpad. U3 Software Central is the U3 directory. These on-line directories are listed in the pop up window when you click Add Programs in the U3 Launchpad main window.

The procedure for installing programs from these web sites is the same. To illustrate the procedure, we use the U3 Software Central below. Your computer must be connected to the Internet to download U3 smart programs.

To Find a Program on U3 Software Central

To Download the Program

Click the Buy, Trial, or Free button.

The Add Program Wizard window pops up. (When you purchase the program, the transaction must be completed first.) To start the download, click the Next button.

Note: The Add Program Wizard displays an error message if the program you selected is already installed or there is not enough room on this drive to install it.

The rest is automatic. The Wizard shows its progress as it downloads and then installs the application on your U3 smart drive.

When the download process is complete, the Add Program Wizard plays a sound and highlights Done.

Click the Done button to close the Add Program Wizard.

The new program is added to the bottom of the list of programs in the U3 Launchpad main window. To change its position in the list, go to Changing the Order of Programs in the U3 Launchpad Main Window.